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Welcome to the Redlands Democratic Club!

Contact Info:
Redlands Area Democratic Club

Meetings are on:
3rd Saturday of the month
except December
at 1 pm (arrive at noon for lunch)
Napoli Italian Restaurant, Loma Linda

Mail to:
Redlands Democratic Club
1554 Barton Rd. #227
Redlands, CA 92373

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Board Members

Ron Hattis

Vice President
Kristin Washington

Ande Spencer

Carole Coley

Nancy Blastos

Market Night
John Schricker

Roger Bell
Les Greenberg
Dianne Landeros
Christine Roque


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Welcome to the
Redlands Area Democratic Club!           fb  


The Redlands Area Democratic Club works for issues and candidates that realize democratic principles.


Annual dues are $50/person and can be sent to:
Redlands Democratic Club
1554 Barton Rd.#227
Redlands, CA 92373

Or bring your check to a monthly meeting.


Join the Redlands Area Democratic Club

The Redlands Area Democratic Club asks all registered Democrats in the area to become members.� Annual dues are $50, and can be sent by new or returning members to the address on the club�home page, at the top of the left column.

New members are most welcome to join. Contact Steve Chapman or any board member for a membership application.
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Congratulations on Pre-endorsement Conference results

Congratulations to local candidates for state and federal offices!

Local candidate Melissa O'Donnell received 73% of the pre-endorsement conference vote for the 40th Assembly District, and earned unqualified victory as the endorsement selection of the conference. This means that she will have her name listed on the State Party Convention consent calendar, to be ratified by the body of the State Party on March 8.

Local candidate Pete Aguilar received over 67% of the pre-endorsement conference vote for the 31st Congressional District. This means that he will compete for endorsement at a caucus vote at the State Party Convention on March 8, at which vote a 60% majority is required for endorsement.

As an update, the State Party Convention was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Friday through Sunday, March 7-9. On Saturday, the caucus of members of the 
31st Congressional District voted to endorse Pete Aguilar, giving him 74% of the vote.
This makes Pete the only endorsed Democratic Party candidate in the 31st.

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Endorsement of Democratic Candidate for CD-31

The Redlands Area Democratic Club has voted by over 85% to endorse Pete Aguilar as Democratic candidate for California Congressional District 31.
This link will take you to the edited full responses of the candidates at the 31st CD forum on August 24, 2013 at the International Union of Operating Engineers in Redlands, presented by the Redlands Area Democratic Club.
 At the Redlands Area Democratic Club general meeting today (9/21/13), the club membership voted by a greater than 85% vote to endorse Pete Aguilar as candidate in the California 31st Congressional District. In August, the club had presented a Democratic candidates forum. The forum was well attended, and was also recorded. The video recording was posted on the Redlands Area Democratic Club website at http://www.redlandsdemocrats.org for members to review, and for public review. The membership was notified in advance of the endorsement vote at the meeting which was further enabled by internet voting for members who were unable to attend the meeting.

The clear choice of the Redlands Area Democratic Club is for Pete Aguilar for Congress. This early endorsement is a spark for other clubs, organizations and individuals to consider their endorsement and support for the candidate.

The reason for the club to be involved in the Congressional race this early in the race is in response to the history of last year's primary election. Due to the confusion in the primary period and having no clearly dominant leader among the Democratic candidates, there ended up being no Democrat to vote for in the general election. It is hoped that by getting out in front there will develop a groundswell of support for Pete Aguilar, and a clear path for his candidacy and election in 2014.
--Steve Chapman, president of RADC
Media Release 9/24/13:
The Redlands Area Democratic Club (RADC) has endorsed Pete Aguilar for California’s 31st Congressional District.
More than 85 percent of RADC members supported Aguilar, who appeared with candidates Eloise Gomez-Reyes and Joe Baca at the RADC Candidates’ Forum on August 24.   
“Pete Aguilar is clearly the choice of the Redlands Area Democratic Club,” RADC President Steve Chapman said, noting that over 85 percent of RADC members favored Aguilar. “His professionalism and record as a mayor impressed RADC members. Aguilar’s leadership through difficult financial times and fair treatment of municipal employees has been very impressive.”   
The August RADC Candidates’ Forum attracted more than 100 people and received local, regional and national attention. California’s 31st Congressional District has a Democratic majority and 57 percent of the district voted for Obama in 2012, but division among four Democrats in California’s “Top Two” primary allowed Gary Miller to win.   
“We held an early forum and made an early endorsement because Democrats split the vote and allowed Gary Miller, an Orange County Republican who fails to represent our district, to be elected in 2012,” Chapman said. “We hope acting early, Democrats will unite behind Pete Aguilar and elect him to Congress in 2014.”   
For additional information, please contact Steve Chapman at 909-792-4839. The RADC website is http://redlandsdemocrats.org/
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Is there a problem in the Democratic Party

How to Save the Democratic Party

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I'm voting Republican (Satire)

This 3-minute Youtube will tell the story

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Civic Literacy - Enlightened Citizenship

Click above to go to the website, where you can take a test of your civic literacy
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Thom Hartmann on SCOTUS and Corporatocracy

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Robert Reich Tells the Truth about the Economy

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Redlands Market Night

Redlands Area Democratic Club has a booth for outreach and voter registration most Thursdays at Market Night on State St in downtown Redlands. This is done in cooperation with Organizing for America, San Bernardino County region.

Redlands Market Night May 19, 2011

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CA Citizens Redistricting Commission

Click the image below to link to the Citizens Redistricting Comission website

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